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Kym provides a wide range of services. Behind her every session, class, podcast, blog, or book, is a deep desire to help you on your spiritual journey. Kym is a teacher, and she cares more about helping your soul evolve than she does gaining a following.  Explore some of these options to see how Kym can assist you.  Make sure to check out all the free Resources on this website as well as our Audio/Visual library. New content is added weekly.

Psychic Readings

Kym gives psychic readings and mediumship readings. Sometimes there is overlap, but the psychic readings are centered around what she perceives beyond the ‘normal’ five senses. Kym is intuitive. She knows, hears, and see things with great clarity and external validation. You can ask Kym any questions, and her readings are conducted in a back and forth conversational style. She does not use any conduits or tools.

Past and future life exploration

This life is not all there is. For those who want to go deeper in their understanding of their god-selves, Kym can take you into past lives. This kind of reading can provide an increased level of self-awareness.


Everyone has questions about the future.  We all have dreams that are confusing.  Some people experience visions.  Kym’s pyschic abilitiy of cliairvoicence can help you make sense out of what seems murky and hidden.  With the help of the spirit guides, she can give you answers that you woludn’t unearth on your own.

Relationship guidance

Kym offers sound advice for relationships of all kinds.  She speaks to family, friends, business, romantic, and other connections. The guides speak through her and will tell you what you need to know. Kym has many long-term clients who use this psychic service, several of which benefit from her business insight. 

Mediumship Services

Kym has an incredible gift of speaking to and through the dead.  Her ability to channel personality traits, reveal specific events, and heal relationships can only be explained as other-worldly.  Kym can connect you to a specific person, or open the door to have spirits contact you.

Connecting you with the dead

Many people come to Kym wanting to speak with dead family members or friends. She has an uncanny ability to make it feel as though your loved one is in the room with you. She provides a comfortable and safe environment, and has united people over continents, millenniums, and spirit levels. Whether you are seeking to resolve unfinished business, or just visit with someone you love, Kym can facilitate the reunion.

Grief recovery

Grief is designed to be cleansing of pain, but it was never meant to long-term. If you are suffering from deep grief, Kym can help ease your burden. Whether your loss is natural or tragic, emotional, spiritual, or psychological, Kym can lead you to peace.


Ghosts are real. Kym has vast expereince interacting with ghosts. She has crossed hundreds of ghosts into the light and has interviewed many about their lives on earth, the ghost plane, and other dimentions. If you have questions about ghosts or are concerned about ghost involvement in your life, contact Kym.


Want to know what to expect

during a reading with Kym?  Never fear! We explain the whole process and give you the pricing structure so that there are no surprises the day of. We believe that information is powerful.

Mentorship Program

Kym offers a very in depth mentorship program designed to help you become the best version of yourself.  You get one-on-one coaching with Kym and personalized advice.  This program is currently full, but check  frequently as spots become available.

“If only people could realize that many of the thoughts they have -are not really their thoughts at all! The Universe, guides and dead loved ones are always helping, it’s their voices we hear in our heads!”     Kym McBride


Kym is the author of several non-fiction books with a wide range of topics. Grow in your spiritual journey, listen to ghost interviews, and even learn a shortcut for writing the book you’ve dreamed about.  It’s all here.  Kym’s books are available on Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble. 

Review from Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards

WE GOT IT ALL WRONG: DEATH AND GRIEF, HEAVEN AND HELL, AND MENTAL ILLNESS by Hafemeister and McBride is helpful for anyone, but especially for those in grief. Working through a journey of discovery with these two authors, the reader can re-assess and re-evaluate beliefs about the afterlife, which can affect how the reader sees, lives in, and responds to the world today. Readers will be comforted to learn that everyone has much invisible, spiritual support and protection. It’s compelling to read the two authors interacting. I was also interested to learn from Kym as a professional. I didn’t know much, about soul fragments, for instance. The glossary in the back of the book was helpful. For example, the idea that there is record of every thought, action, motivation, and everything else about every soul that ever existed is stored in a huge database is almost too much to grasp. I like the beautiful cover. I notice this is BOOK ONE and so readers will know to look for Kym’s next book. She mentioned how to find her on the Internet, so that’s great for her fans. Kym has gotten many endorsements from authorities, which is a plus. The back cover copy draws in anyone seeking to know more about the afterlife. I’ll admit, the small black print used for the endorsements here was hard for me to read. Inside, I love the author bio. What a hoot! Overall, a great entry into the genre! Kudos!

We Got It All Wrong Book One

Workbook Companion Book One

We Got It All Wrong Book Two

Writer's Coloring Journal

How to speak your next book: Writing your first draft without typing

What Kym’s Working On

Coming Soon!!

Kym catches up with 15 ghosts whom she has previously crossed over and sees what they’ve been up to since their last interaction.  Look for this riviting book of true stories in the spring of 2021.


Currently, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all classes are held virtually.  When the situation is resolved, onsite classes at our Cincinnati office will be offered in addition to our online courses.

Meet Your Guide

Have you ever wanted a constant companion who has your back 24/7? Well – you can! In this class you’ll learn to connect directly with your Spirit Guide. You’ll learn their personality and sense of humor over the course of several interviews. Very quickly you’ll be able to plug ‘in’ and ‘disconnect’ to your Spirit Guide at will.   This class empowers you, and removes the need for outside psychic assistance. 

Past Lives

 Have you ever wondered why you have certain ‘natural skills’ and yet you never trained to acquire them? Do you have curious traits that others in your family don’t have? Do some people provoke adverse reactions in you for no apparent reason? The answers are all hidden in your past lives! This class will teach you how to access your past lives,  look at who you were ‘back then’, and then apply that knowledge to who you are now.

Inner Child Class

Experience the healing and insight that you can pull up from your inner child. Your little child has so much to say and this class will give you the tools to hear her. They will share their fears so you can see where those fears stem from and help them heal. You will also be able to hear their wisdom and insights they have to offer. This class will open your eyes to a new awareness. 

Intuition Development 3-day class

In this 3-day intensive,  you’ll be trained to connect  to your Source in many different ways. You’ll learn practical tools to grow spiritually. You will  give actual psychic readings. You will talk to dead people and spirits from the other side. This is an intense overview class that allows you to explore the use of different tools and techniques to connect to  unveiling mysteries of the Universe. NOTE: you do not need to be an aspiring professional psychic to take this class. But you could use this course as a foundation if you are interested in pursuing the profession.


This class delves into relationships that most often struggle with  the Mirror Effect.  I’ll  teach you how to shift your perspective– to not only see what the mirror is reflecting, but what you can learn from that sometimes difficult harsh truth.  It is a healing process, and turns an antagonistic relationship into one of growth. Energetically, your mirror won’t know what hit them!


Pop-up webinars are scheduled from time to time.  To be notifed of upcoming events, sign up for our emails.  We never sell our lists and your privacy is assured.