Beverly Hafemeister

Co-author Beverly Hafemeister, a spiritual seeker all her life, began as a traditional Protestant. With her early discovery of the Edgar Cayce literature, she thrived.  Today Beverly views her life as a spiritual journey.

Her physical work can be divided into a three-act play:

Act 1: The Teacher.  After graduating with honors from the University of Wisconsin-Madison art department she taught fine art principles while encouraging individual creativity.

Act 2: The Historic Drapery Re-creator. After extensive research into period draping styles and deciphering old authentic principles used in pattern making, for over 30 years Beverly has been commissioned nationwide to re-create appropriate textile treatments for various house museums and for private historic homes.

Act 3: The co-author of the Soul Evolution: the Invisible Structure series branches out. Beverly’s area of special interest is writing a comprehensive book about hell as actually manifested today.