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In my own words

by Kym McBride | Click picture to listen

Hi Kym! Thank you again for the gift reading at the Zoom ‘Talking with Spirits Event” with Wendy Fedan, last week. It was sooo perfect!  🙂


Zoom Class Attendee, Cincinnati


It’s stating the obvious to say that everyone on the planet is unique. We know we are all different, but we share in the pilgrimage of self-discovery.  We universally look for answers, healing, and closure.  My life’s calling is to help you along the way.

My Background

I discovered my psychic abilities at three-day class held in the aftermath 9/11.  I wasn’t expecting any revelation, but boy, did the guides blow my mind!  Prior to taking that class I lead your average American “normie” life– I was a photographer, bookkeeper, antique dealer, florist etc. I doted on my fur baby, Brandy. I obsessed over my VW Bug. I traveled extensively.  I’m even from Ohio–You can’t get more vanilla than that!

But, at the class I was surrounded by some incredible gifted psychics, saw some unbelievable metaphysical activity, and got gobsmacked upside the head with new realities. From that day on, and with the help of my spirit guide, Timingo, I have seen and experienced things that can only be explained by a Divine Intelligence. I quickly realized that mediumship was written into my life’s plan, and I’ve had the honor of working with hundreds of clients around the world–alive and dead!

My Approach & Philosophy

You’ll find my style isn’t “woo-woo,” crystal ball-ish, or coated in fairy dust. I’m a practical girl with a healthy dose of skepticism.  I question EVERYTHING and I think you should too. I’m bold and direct–I believe that our guides don’t tell us what we want to hear, they tell us what we need to hear--so this is what I pass on to you.

This universe has amazing things to teach us, and I believe we can discover them together.

Let’s begin this journey!